Boris – ‘Noise’

Boris - 'Noise'


Tokyo musician Boris ventures into heavy metal with mixed results

In a pureblood genre like heavy metal, there is little value in flaunting your chameleonic qualities: making out you can do anything doesn’t make you the Bowie of the riff, it just makes you look like a fly-by-night. Tokyo’s Boris are an exception, having chalked up some 20 albums that veer from earnest J-rock to blissed-out shoegazing to avant-garde amp worship; not all beloved, by any means, but definitely respected. ‘Noise’ itself runs quite the gamut: from the demented thrash of ‘Quicksilver’ to the naïve, drum machine-powered indie pop of ‘Taiyo No Baka’. Their lighter moments can be a bit cringeworthy – too earnest by half – but when they go slow and heavy, they’re unfuckwithable: see ‘Heavy Rain’, where guitarist Wata’s pixie coo is hurled around on waves of neon sludge.

Louis Pattison


Record label: Sargent House
Release date: 16 Jun, 2014