Boy & Bear – ‘Moonfire’

Boy & Bear - 'Moonfire'


Nu-folk with a very short life span

We’ve enough guitar-toting faux-folk troupes in Britain already without Australia sending us theirs too. As with much of the current middle-class boho milieu foot-stomping its way to prominence with relentlessly chipper vim, [a]Boy & Bear[/a] know their way round a melody and a chorus; yet their rootsy rattle’n’roll fails to connect with anything more grabbing than a vague lyrical nostalgia. Songs like ‘Feeding Line’ and ‘My Only One’ are delivered with the earnest passion of nothing at all, while ‘Golden Jubilee’ is a heavily buffed hoe-down for the trust-fund masses. If indie once became landfill, ‘Moonfire’ is nu-folk of the highest biodegradability.

[i]Simon Jay Catling[/i]


Director: Joe Chicarelli
Record label: Communion
Release date: 16 Jan, 2012