Album review: Brand New – ‘Daisy’

Album review: Brand New - 'Daisy'


How rock grew up gracefully

Recovering emos [a]Brand New[/a] have taken doing things their own way to the point of invisibility, but their journey into the widescreen ether continues with yet another breathtakingly accomplished record. [b]‘Daisy’[/b] is only a few per cent less amazing than [b]‘The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me’[/b] and only marginally less of a downer. The understated [b]‘Bed’[/b] is the closest music can probably get to the sound of crying; [b]‘Bought A Bride’[/b] does the same thing but with anguished funereal post-rock. There’s pop, of sorts, on single [b]‘At The Bottom’[/b], and epic closer [b]‘Noro’[/b] proves that while there’s still a pop punk gene fighting to get out somewhere, it’s now part of the make-up of the most graceful rock band in America.

[b]Dan Martin [/b]