Album Review: Breakage – ‘Foundation’ (Digital Soundboy)

Album Review: Breakage - 'Foundation' (Digital Soundboy)


Bass music that embarks on world domination

[b]Breakage[/b]’s d’n’b past explains why the spectre of ragga samples and Amen breaks haunt [b]‘Foundation’[/b] like the persistent whiff of reefer smoke. Still, his groove-laden take on dubstep is more concerned with the future than the past. It’s to his credit that the [b]Burial[/b] collaboration [b]‘Vial’[/b], brilliant though it is, is actually one of the weaker moments here, the spooked garage sound paling in comparison to [b]‘Temper’[/b], a stark elegy to the moment when the paranoia kicks in. It’s on [b]‘Speechless’[/b], a heart popping [b]Donae’o[/b] collaboration with a rolling bassline and processed guitar solo, that proves bass music’s next steps needn’t be shackled to the abstract – they can be massive strides towards world domination.

[b]Louise Brailey[/b]

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