Album Review: Brett Anderson – ‘Black Rainbows’

Album Review: Brett Anderson - 'Black Rainbows'


Perhaps his best solo work to date

[a]Brett Anderson[/a]’s never been one to shirk a ludicrous metaphor. Twelve years after hitting on a girl that was “[i]the colour of a magazine[/i]”, the daft loon’s prancing merrily ’neath ‘[b]Black Rainbows[/b]’ on his post-Suede reunion Return To Rock Form. The record boasts maybe his finest solo single to date in ‘[b]Brittle Heart[/b]’, plus a clutch of mid-tempo rockers that scrub up nicely – even if the seedy Soho glam of yore is replaced by a leadenly earnest tone. The puzzling lyrics remain, though: “[i]give me your ashtray eyes[/i]”, “[i]your hair is like the autumn[/i]” etc. Honestly Brett, you’d make a rubbish police witness.

Alex Denney


Record label: EMI
Release date: 26 Sep, 2011