Album Review: Brian Wilson – ‘In the Key Of Disney’

Album Review: Brian Wilson - 'In the Key Of Disney'


A joyful Wilson performs Disney's finest

Deny the sheer emotive glory of Disney’s finest musical moments all you like, but you’re only lying to yourself. Even errant genius [a]Brian Wilson[/a] knows that it’s not the devil who has all the best tunes, but cartoons. Try not to grin inanely as the banjo-led big band play ‘[b]The Bare Necessities[/b]’, sob to Wilson’s lounge lizard harmonies on ‘[b]When You Wish Upon A Star[/b]’ or find lions sexy during his restrained ‘[b]Can You Feel The Love Tonight?[/b]’. Listening to a joyful Wilson sha-la-la his way through [i]The Little Mermaid[/i]’s ‘[b]Kiss The Girl[/b]’ is almost enough for us to forgive him refusing to join [a]The Beach Boys[/a] on their 50th anniversary tour. Almost.

[i]Leonie Cooper[/i]


Director: Brian Wilson
Record label: Walt Disney
Release date: 25 Oct, 2011