Broods – ‘Broods’ EP

Broods - 'Broods' EP


Kiwi sibling duo team up with Lorde's producer to make similarly sparse synth-pop

Sultry synth-pop siblings Caleb and Georgia Nott share a producer – Joel Little – with pop megalith Lorde. The duo’s debut EP mines a similar groove to the teenage star’s album from last year, and has a richly layered studio sound. Lead track ‘Never Gonna Change’ is the one that lingers. Its suitably brooding refrain of “I hate that I can’t say your name/without feeling like I’m part of the blame” gets under the skin, leaving a scar of melancholia. ‘Pretty Thing’ has a hint of Purity Ring’s sketchy experimentation, soft vocals laid over glitchy beats. Last year’s single ‘Bridges’ carries a gentle Ellie Goulding-style vocal atop a sparse backing. The six tracks here are neatly appealing, even though they lack the real charm of having a distinctive sound of their own.

Hayley Avron


Record label: Polydor
Release date: 07 Apr, 2014