Album review: Brownies – ‘Yourknife Ourback’

Album review: Brownies - 'Yourknife Ourback'


Fucking, fighting and no frills indie-rock

All The Brownies’ songs are performed at 100mph and are about getting pissed, fighting or shagging. The Brownies – Sophie, Maxie, Stevie and two blokes – are therefore pretty great. With Sophie yelling out lines like, “You’re fit as fuck and I love your hair” (on ‘It Kills’), and, crikey, “You make my knickers warm and my lips hot red” (on ‘Secret’), it’s very riot-grrrl-as-sex-fantasy, more The Donnas than Bikini Kill. But it’s good fun, and the songs, co-produced by Andy Gill, at least coo into your ears as they chew them off. ‘Cougar’ puts X-Ray Spex on Black Sabbath, and ‘Cry Yourself To Sleep’ shows a knack for brilliant radio choruses which will never make it to radio. Altogether now: “You say you’re sensitive… but I don’t give a fuck!”

Martin Robinson