Album Review: Buraka Som Sistema – ‘Komba’


Clanking rhythms, bleeps and whistles

‘[b]Komba[/b]’ is an Angolan ritual, and not one you’d particularly hanker to be the subject of. You’re dead, basically, and all your friends are celebrating your life with a boogie to your favourite song. Which is nice, but you’re, y’know, still… dead. This is the subject of the second album from Portugal’s [b]Buraka[/b], who blend a traditional African sound, kuduro, with techno and, inevitably, dubstep. Its mix of clanking rhythms, bleeps and whistles is certainly insistent, although it’s the vocal tracks that stick: see ‘[b]Eskeleto[/b]’, like a voodoo ceremony held at Plastic People, featuring [b]Afrikan Boy[/b] rapping about dissecting chickens and eating pig tails. Goths, eh?

[i]Louis Pattison[/i]


Director: Buraka Som Sistema
Record label: Enchufada
Release date: 31 Oct, 2011