Album Review: Butcher Boy – ‘Helping Hands’

Album Review: Butcher Boy - 'Helping Hands'


Delicate, warm indie pop

Boy oh boy, [a]Butcher Boy[/a], the inclusion of lines like, “[i]I paint a chain of buttercups around your neck[/i]” (from a song called [b]‘Bluebells’[/b], no less) don’t half make pigeonhol… sorry, reviewing your third album much easier. Add to that the surely pertinent observation – the fact – that this is delicate, warm indie pop of the early [a]Belle And Sebastian[/a] variety (their frontman Stuart Murdoch is known to be a big fan), and you as a listener will likely know whether this is a pool you want to dip your toe in or not. There’s certainly a good ear for a melody in evidence (most noticeable of all on [b]‘Imperial’[/b]), but testicles are nowhere to be seen.

Hamish MacBain