Bwani Junction – ‘Fully Cocked’

Bwani Junction - 'Fully Cocked'


These feelgood anthems are destined for Glastonbury

It’s with moving sincerity that these debuting Scots use afrobeat to magical-ise the mundane Brit childhood; the underlying message being that growing up in suburban Edinburgh seems, in adulthood’s afterglow, a time of otherworldly bliss every bit as fantastical as the Africa of Kuti’s ecstatic voodoo. A bittersweet observational eye for provincial adolescence is folded in melody, and although their grooves slacken in times of grandiosity, even afro-purists will struggle to deny feelgood anthems such as ‘Marylebone’, which evokes the grubby lyricism of The Libertines as much it does Soweto at dusk. By rights they’re a Glastonbury institution in waiting.

[i]John Calvert[/i]


Director: Paul Savage
Record label: Aksatak
Release date: 11 Jun, 2012