Album review: Califone – ‘All My Friends Are Funeral Singers’

Album review: Califone - 'All My Friends Are Funeral Singers'

An aural feast for the ears

Hiccup! Chicago’s finest experimental folksters have laid down a hell of a lot for us to digest here. Having developed their sound over six albums and finally tossed the carcass of previous band [b]Red Red Meat[/b], these super-sized ideas are [b]Califone[/b]’s primest, most satisfying to date. [b]‘Giving Away The Bride’[/b] is a heady black hole, in which Tim Rutili’s soporific croon, cowbells and electronic, volcanic rumblings clunk lazily against one another. [b]‘Polish Girls’[/b] and [b]‘Krill’[/b] could easily have swum straight out of [a]Beck[/a]’s [b]‘Sea Change’[/b]. With these colour-filled soundscapes, it’s unsurprising that [b]‘All My Friends…’[/b] accompanies a film. Our compliments (and a request for tickets) to the chef.

[b]Camille Augarde[/b]

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