Candie Payne


I Wish I Could Have Loved You More

Part of Liverpool’s indie elite, sister of Zutons drummer Sean Payne and The Stands’ mainman Howie Payne, Candie Payne, you can’t help but imagine, is the sort of girl who never trips over walking down the street. Half-French chanteuse Françoise Hardy, half-Bond-girl sass, Candie’s debut album is the sultry soundtrack to a swinging ’60s girl-group revival that we can only hope is just around the corner. Elegantly melancholic vocals (think Black Box Recorder with issues) slink effortlessly through the moody orchestral arrangements. ‘Why Should I Settle For You’ is a purring, brass-packed ballad and ‘By Tomorrow’ is a perfect portion of pouting psychedelic retro-pop. Heartfelt, tragedy-tinged lyrics add poignancy to the panache – this record would have Serge Gainsbourg swooning.

Rebecca Robinson