Album Review: Caribou – ‘Swim’ (City Slang)

Album Review: Caribou - 'Swim' (City Slang)


Electronica for grown ups

Returning to psychedelia of a more modern variety after the Polaris-winning [b]‘Andorra’[/b] saw him pegged by some as a ’60s revisionist, electronic whiz Dan Snaith’s latest offering is a triumph to top even that masterstroke. Lead single [b]‘Odessa’[/b] could be a great, lost [b]Junior Boys[/b] cut with a hook that sounds – may we be frank? – like a Fraggle bringing itself to ecstasy; about as far away from the trippy bombast of [b]‘Melody Day’[/b] as it’s possible to imagine. [b]‘Leave House’[/b] is another standout, a lean electro-pop number with touches of flute and horn lending proceedings a subtly sinister twist. Elsewhere, Snaith seems less concerned with songs than he does with subtly wrought texture, his auteur’s eye transforming the Balearic synths of [b]‘Kaili’[/b] into a beguiling soundscape of emotive power and substance. Seriously, this is a superlative record to stack up alongside [b]Four Tet[/b]’s [b]‘There Is Love In You’[/b] in the electronica-for-grown-ups stakes.

[b]Alex Denney[/b]

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