Album review: Caspa

Album review: Caspa


Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening!

First there was dubstep: dark, meditative, serious (ie, often boring). Then there was jump-up dubstep that, much to the dismay of the purists, threatened to inject some cartoony fun times into the genre’s brooding catacombs. The main jump-up avengers were Rusko and, Robin to his Batman, Caspa. This, his full-length debut, falls a little short of the wobbly swagger of his cohort’s club hits. ‘Disco Jaws’, like various other cuts on display, falls into the recurring genre trap of ending up sounding like fidgety – heaven forbid – breakbeat, not saved by Beezy’s mockney natter. Aside from the intro from living dancehall legend David Rodigan (think an older, respected Westwood), this hunk of fun-step lacks one key ingredient: fun.

Jaimie Hodgson

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