Album Review: Castrovalva – ‘We Are A Unit’ (Brew)

Album Review: Castrovalva - 'We Are A Unit' (Brew)


Shrill and punishingly bassy

Madness takes many forms, but none so alluring as a trio of feral noise bastards who enjoy nothing more than getting all up in people’s grills. Comprised of drummer Daniel Brader, bassist Antony Wright and frontman Leemun Smith, [b]‘We Are A Unit’[/b] is a fine display of this Leeds trio’s skills, both positive and negative – the alternately shrill and punishingly bassy [b]‘That’s What I’m Talking About’[/b] stays the right side of quirky thanks to its soupy groove, while [b]‘Hooliganz R Us’[/b] is a honking in-joke and [b]‘Thuglife’[/b] squeals like a wolf trapped in a fence – but you’ll need patience to stay the distance. Do so, however, and you’ll be rewarded with fun, and lots of it.

[b]Rob Parker[/b]