Album Review: Catherine AD – ‘Communion’

Album Review: Catherine AD - 'Communion'


A mini-album that's really worth crying about, in a good way.

Let’s leave lachrymal, glitchy bellends [a]Jamie xx[/a], [a]Woon[/a] and [a]James Blake[/a] to their pissy-eyed cyber wailing – Welsh pianist, singer and published PhD student Catherine Anne Davies is way smarter than them. Atop string backing, she captures the moment after the bawling ends – when natural opiates flood the brain and much more complex emotions and sensations ensue. She has a wry dig at Moz on ‘[b]Yeats Is On Mine[/b]’, while ‘[b]Grow Out[/b]’ sounds like an Anglo-Celtic [a]Tori Amos[/a] discovering the joys of [a]Michael Nyman[/a]. Add to this a surprisingly stunning, pared to the bone version of [a]Lady Gaga[/a]’s ‘[b]Telephone[/b]’ and you’ve got a mini-album that’s really worth crying about.

[i]John Doran[/i]


Director: Outsiderhood
Record label: Liam Howe
Release date: 17 Oct, 2011