Album Review: Cats And Cats And Cats – ‘If I’d Had An Atlas’ (Function)

Epic post-rock crescendos and a capella interludes

Creatures belonging to the feline contingency are notoriously tricky beasts to work out. As Robert De Niro’s character in [i]Meet The Parents[/i] wisely surmised, one must work for their affection. The thrice-named [b]Cats And Cats And Cats[/b] are clearly admirers of this trait, tempering their sing-song indie pop with mathletic time changes, epic post-rock crescendos and a capella interludes. When boiled down to its essence, as on the wistful [b]‘A Boy Called Haunts’[/b] or the spluttering rocker [b]‘Big Blue’[/b], the outcome is actually pretty satisfying. Where it’s not so focused, though, they tend to come across like [b]Los Campesinos![/b] without the sparkle.

[b]Tom Edwards[/b]

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