Album Review: Cats On Fire -‘Our Temperance Movement’

Album Review: Cats On Fire -'Our Temperance Movement'


Eighties indie revivalists can't bring the past to life

The second offering from the Cats and apparently they’ve found their sound. Unfortunately, it already belongs to The Smiths. ‘Tears In Your Cup’ sets the course with its jangly guitars, sugary melodies and lovelorn lyrics that recall ‘The Boy With The Thorn In His Side’. ‘The Steady Pace’ is full-on Marr nostalgia, while on ‘Lay Down Your Arms’ Mattias Björkas tries so hard to sound like Morrissey it’s alarming. When not rifling through

The Smiths’ catalogue they borrow liberally from The Housemartins, Orange Juice and Belle And Sebastian,

but they lack the intensity and energy of their influences. It’s a shame, as Björkas’ acerbic lyrics deserve more.

If only their music had some of the feline flame of their name.

Tessa Harris

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