CEO – ‘Wonderland’

CEO - 'Wonderland'


Former Tough Alliance man Eric Berglund's second LP

Four years separate Eric Berglund’s debut solo album ‘White Magic’ and its follow-up, and this timeframe is writ large on ‘Wonderland’. The former Tough Alliance man’s return is heralded by kids’ choirs, Beach Boys vocal harmonies, twinkling Exorcist synths, a song titled in honour of the Japanese art of ritual self-disembowelment (‘Harakiri’) and an opening track where he croons about being “lost inside a whorehouse” that’s as cute as Zoey Deschanel soundtracking Princess Peach from the Super Mario games’ pool party. Alas, his taste for sonic jumble can be overwhelming – see the dayglo Dan Deacon clusterfuck of ‘Ultrakaos’ – but when he pulls things back, as on swoonworthy closer ‘OMG’, he just about justifies his toil. Louis Pattison


Record label: Modular
Release date: 03 Feb, 2014