Album Review: Chase and Status – No More Idols

Album Review: Chase and Status - No More Idols


Soulless dross from London duo

In the dustbin of humanity you will find Saul Milton and Will Kennard – two dullards guilty of producing the most offensive sub-music since [a]Kosheen[/a].

Making the kind of vacuous dumb’n’bass backdrops that have made [a]Pendulum[/a] a band synonymous with shiteness, this London duo have enlisted a heap of likely goons (including Tempa T) and some shameful appearances from folk that should know better ([a]Dizzee Rascal[/a], [a]Cee Lo Green[/a]), in a bid to cover up their electronic ineptitude.

Despite Cee Lo’s vocal guidance ([b]‘Brixton Briefcase’[/b]), you almost black out from the terribleness before coming to and realising you’re too good for this soulless nonsense.

[b]Ash Dosanjh[/b]