Album Review: Chickenhawk – Modern Bodies (Brew)

Album Review: Chickenhawk - Modern Bodies (Brew)


Unfortunately, there's nothing tremendously exciting behind the layers of testosto-rock and riff-age. Pulled Apart By Horses, anyone?

In the words of Anchorman’s meteorologist Brick Tamland, “LOUD NOISES”. And, er, not a whole lot else really. As a band calling themselves [a]Chickenhawk[/a] inevitably would, the northern three-piece deal in balls-out, thrashing testosto-rock with maximum riffs and minimum tact. We are men, hear us roar. But, where fellow Leeds boys [a]Pulled Apart By Horses[/a] balance the violent force with a wry lyrical wit and canny melody, [a]Chickenhawk[/a] opt for the relentless bludgeoning approach. When the band rein it in somewhat (‘[b]The Letdown[/b]’, ‘[b]Kerosene[/b]’) the results are infinitely more intriguing, but the majority of ‘[b]Modern Bodies[/b]’ eventually merges into one incessant yell.

[b]Lisa Wright[/b]