Album Review: Chief – Modern Rituals (Domino)

Album Review: Chief - Modern Rituals (Domino)


An impressive debut from harmonic LA beardies sets a strong, heartfelt example

Having waited 10 years to see [a]The National[/a] become ‘an overnight success’, let us hope for [a]Chief[/a]’s sake that the time-lag on big-hearted US indie is getting shorter. Like their forebears, these LA beardies get the plaudits for taking raw, honest emotions and richly infusing them into every moment of their music. Sounding like a loved-up [a]Richard Ashcroft[/a] with extra harmonies, ‘[b]Modern Rituals[/b]’ proves a rare life-affirming piece of work, as the likes of ‘[b]Wait For You[/b]’, ‘[b]Breaking Walls[/b]’ and ‘[b]Stealing[/b]’ swoon to the depths of the human condition, yet always return hopeful and heart-swelling. Seriously – let’s not wait a decade this time.

[b]Paul Stokes[/b]

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