Album Review: Chilly Gonzales – ‘The Unspeakable’

Album Review: Chilly Gonzales - 'The Unspeakable'

Dark, ambitious and incredibly self aware

Props to the man who can describe himself as “self-absorbed, the musical maxi-pad” while cellos and horns swell in the background. Jason Beck (aka Gonzales) has a Grammy nomination, a world record for the longest solo performance ever (sadly broken) and now a symphonic white rap album that sounds like Danny Elfman wrote the soundtrack to Brüno.

Arranged by his brother, [b]Christophe Beck[/b], the music is astonishingly ambitious, with Gonzales’ stream of neurosis, parody and one-liners so dense you’d need a shrink convention to work out when he’s being serious. Judging by his self-awareness, that’s probably the point.

Hazel Sheffield

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