Album review: Chris Cornell

Album review: Chris Cornell



Facts about this album:

* Chris Cornell was formerly singer with grunge legends Soundgarden and rock supergroup Audioslave.

* ‘Scream’ is produced by hip-hop behemoth Timbaland.

Album review:

Rock and hip-hop should not be allowed to mix. Seriously. You can count their effective meldings on the fingers of one foot, and despite the monolithic credentials of Soundgarden top-bloke Cornell and hip-hop knob-twiddler in excelsis Timbaland, ‘Scream’ bellyflops into the same ignominious pool as all the rest. It doesn’t help that ‘Scream’ is inspired by Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ – yeah, we know – but the main beef is that it’s neither rock enough to rock nor hip-hop enough to, well, make your hips hop. There are flickers of funky light on the lush old school soul of ‘Ground Zero’ and the Motown-esque ‘Other Side Of Town’, but for the most part it’s all depressingly castrated. And rock without bollocks, sadly, is just bollocks.

Pete Cashmore

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