Album Review: Chris T-T – ‘Love Is Not Rescue’ (Xtra Mile Recording)

Album Review: Chris T-T - 'Love Is Not Rescue' (Xtra Mile Recording)


Fighting words when we need them most

Soapbox preachers such as [b]Frank Turner[/b] and [b]Jon McClure[/b] might seem to be saturating the protest song market, but [b]Chris T-T[/b] has something extra to offer. When he’s not championing the cause of social justice in familiar fashion, he’s exploring relationship dynamics with warmth and intelligence (see: [b]‘Love Is Not Rescue’[/b], [b]‘Tall Woman’[/b]). Still, it’s when Chris goes back to his ranty roots that he’s most inspiring. [b]‘Elephant In The Room’[/b] is a case in point, with its stirring rallying cry: [i]“I remembered the previous centuries before the word freedom replaced just being free/A sleight of hand to steal our democracy/We can still win.”[/i] Fighting talk, just when we need it.

[b]Ash Dosanjh[/b]

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