Album Review: Chrissy Murderbot – ‘Women’s Studies’

Album Review: Chrissy Murderbot - 'Women's Studies'


Playing it safe musically and crossing the line of chauvinism

Jocularly calling your third Chicago bass album [b]‘Women’s Studies’[/b] and giving it track titles such as [b]‘Pelvic Floor’[/b] (in which a male MC encourages women to clench their buttocks), is a good way to disillusion 50 per cent of your audience, [a]Chrissy Murderbot[/a]. Did you forget that it wasn’t AD 100?

Anyway, the beats here are as accessible as juke is ever going to be, with fresh, syncopated 808 kick drums played typically at the counterpoint to clean melodies and dancehall baselines. It’s all solid stuff, but if Murderbot wants to be an ambassador for the genre, then perhaps he should try tackling less divisive subjects, such as politics or war.

Huw Nesbitt

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