Album review: Christina Courtin – ‘Christina Courtin’

Album review: Christina Courtin - 'Christina Courtin'


Female singer-songwriters: if you're gonna do it, do it right...

You wonder how someone could bring themselves to launch their feeble skiff into the drippily saturated market of songstresses. Seriously, you think there’s too many synth-toting muppets out there, try being a jazzy chanteuse. But Juilliard-trained violinist Courtin is a cut above the rest. Rather than classical reserve, what her debut offers is a graceful intermediary between the bookshop-soundtracking pleasantries of Norah Jones or Diana Krall and the auteurish weirdness of Hanne Hukkelberg and My Brightest Diamond. Courtin’s voice is rolling and expansive, and tracks like the vivacious ‘Green Jay’ and the playful ‘Foreign Country’ stay just the right side of lovely. Why be a songbird? Just for the love of it.

Emily Mackay

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