Album Review: Christy & Emily – ‘No Rest’ (Klangbad)

Album Review: Christy & Emily - 'No Rest' (Klangbad)


The Brooklyn duo's third album is a restless piece of work

You may not have heard of [b]Christy & Emily[/b] yet, but they get themselves noticed. John Peel favourite Robert Lloyd requested their support in 2007 after being blown away by a show. A year later [b]Faust[/b] man Hans Joachim Irmler had the same experience and invited them into his studio: [b]‘No Rest’[/b] is the result. The teaming of self-taught punk‑kid Christy with Emily, a trained classical pianist, results in a restless piece of work. The Brooklyn duo’s third album captures a sticky, [b]Patti Smith[/b] moodiness with the restraint of [b]Cate Le Bon[/b] and is peppered with eclectic styles but never overbakes ideas. Chillwave seems contagious in contemporary Brooklyn; here’s to an album that glides above the fuzz.

[b]Hazel Sheffield[/b]

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