Chromatics – ‘Kill For Love’

Chromatics - 'Kill For Love'


This album is in-keeping with Jewel's soundtrack work

Despite the ongoing output of his Italians Do It Better label, Johnny Jewel flipped into the mainstream with his contributions to the [i]Drive[/i] soundtrack. Pairing his airy, windswept atmospherics with Nicolas Winding Refn’s visuals created some truly cinematic moments. ‘Kill For Love’ keeps in this spirit, playing with the attention to detail of an art-house movie (and a near 1½-hour running time). The best moments come on the post-Balearic swirls of tracks ‘These Streets Will Never Look The Same’ and ‘Running From The Sun’, where Jewel hits a luscious sweet spot between Caribou’s Ibiza chill-scapes and a Nicolas Jaar-like ambient vibe.

[i]Priya Elan[/i]


Director: Chromatics
Record label: Italians Do It Better
Release date: 04 Jun, 2012