Album Review: Chrome Hoof – ‘Crush Depth’ (Southern)

Album Review: Chrome Hoof - 'Crush Depth' (Southern)


Too nerdy to be try-hard, too sexy to be nerdy

Long before Invasion started prancing around in wizard cloaks, avant-troupe [b]Chrome Hoof[/b] had cornered the market in carnival freak metal. If by ‘metal’ you mean a dizzying, many-limbed whirlwind of space-funk, soul, prog, jazz and titanic doom. [b]‘Crush…’[/b] elaborates and richens the template of 2007’s [b]‘Pre-Emptive False Rupture’[/b], pushing out with the sprawling odyssey of [b]‘Sea Hornet’[/b], bearing down with the forbidding metallic mass of [b]‘Third Sun Descendant’[/b] (cheered on by resident Valkryie Lola Olafisoye and her caustic lungs) and wigging out with the sharp-edged slap bass of [b]‘Anorexic Cyclops’[/b]. Too nerdy to be try-hard, too sexy to be nerdy, too wide-ranging to be denied by anyone but idiots.

[b]Emily Mackay[/b]

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