Album Reviews: Class Actress – ‘Rapprocher’

Album Reviews: Class Actress - 'Rapprocher'


A hit and miss affair

Elizabeth Harper is a folk singer who traded her six-string for entry to the discotheque. This, her debut, attempts to meld the trace-paper beats of chillwave with the predatory attitude of ’80s funk-pop. It’s a hit and miss affair. ‘[b]Weekend[/b]’ finds her confessional singer-songwriter background lining up to the jittery beats with the right amount of awkward grace like some cross between [a]Feist[/a] and [a]Glass Candy[/a]’s Ida No. At other times, like on ‘[b]All The Saints[/b]’, her eloquent enunciation jars with the cutesy hip-hop beats, and the effect is akin to watching [b]Gwyneth Paltrow[/b] rapping ‘[b]Straight Outta Compton[/b]’.

[i]Priya Elan[/i]


Director: Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal
Record label: Carpark
Release date: 18 Oct, 2011