Album Review: Clinic – Bubblegum (Domino)


A foray into a softer, acoustic sound doesn't do Clinic any harm, but may polarise fans of their sharper, electro back catalogue

[a]Clinic[/a] would probably take umbrage at being described as veterans, but the sixth release in their 13th year certainly points towards a certain mellowing. ‘[b]Lion Tamer[/b]’ (which doesn’t so much doff its cap at [b]Beefheart[/b] as rob him at knifepoint), ‘[b]Orangutan[/b]’ and ‘[b]Evelyn[/b]’ aside, ‘[b]Bubblegum[/b]’ largely ditches the acerbic, electric sound of old in favour of the acoustic-led meditations and slow, surfy numbers that used to knit their albums together rather than drive them. It’s far from bad, but if you’re still waiting for a [a]Clinic[/a] record as great as the utterly seminal ‘[b]Internal Wrangler[/b]’, keep waiting, and probably don’t hold your breath.

[b]Rob Webb[/b]

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