Album review: Clutch – ‘Strange Cousins From The West’

Album review: Clutch - 'Strange Cousins From The West'


If it's proper metal you're after, this is the gear

It’s somewhat reassuring to discover that Maryland-based beardy blues-smiths Clutch can still bring the thunder of Mighty Thor himself nine albums down the line. While the harsher edges of their previous efforts have been sanded off long ago, frontman Neil Fallon still has a bucketload of fire and brimstone left in his belly and no-one does the possessed preacher man schtick quite like him (‘50,000 Unstoppable Watts’, ‘Freakonomics’). Fans of comic books, corn-fed hip-hop, wrestling and bobbing your head in a rhythmic fashion will undoubtedly get whipped into a frenzy by Clutch’s groove machine; their ballsy brand of Sabbath-esque boogie woogie just seems to get better with age.

Edwin McFee