CocoRosie – ‘Tales Of A Grasswidow’

CocoRosie - 'Tales Of A Grasswidow'

Unavoidably Björkish inflections

Post-freak-folk sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady have been making uneven but attention-grabbing music for 10 years. On their fifth album they’re downbeat, rarely dull, but more contemplative than we’ve become accustomed to from a band who made their name by being confrontational. Joanna Newsom is the obvious vocal touchstone but it’s the unavoidably Björkish inflections that are more noteworthy. Antony Hegarty guests, entirely appropriately, on ‘Tearz For Animals’. There are flails of flute on ‘Broken Chariot’, someone seemingly putting cutlery away in the shadows of ‘Harmless Monster’, and (gah!) beatboxing on ‘End Of Time’. And, erm… it works. Bold and beautiful.

Thom Gibbs


Record label: City Slang
Release date: 27 May, 2013