Album Review: Coheed And Cambria – ‘Year Of The Black Rainbow’ (Roadrunner)


Treading a bombastic path

Don’t let anyone tell you [b]Coheed[/b] were better in their early hardcore incarnation – the filthy [b]Rush[/b]-gone-metal delights of [b]‘Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV’[/b] was where they really got it going on. [b]‘Year…’[/b] continues to follow that bombastic course, packed from start to finish with grandiose, rousing flourishes and ample proggy ballast. The spirited first single [b]‘Here We Are Juggernaut’[/b] is a case in point with no shortage of fist-pumping ardour. It’s all about as camp as Rob Halford conducting a herd of dancing pink elephants, and as much fun as that’d be to witness.

[b]Tom Edwards[/b]