Coheed And Cambria


Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World For Tomorrow

You can’t explain premier emo-progsters Coheed And Cambria in 5,000 words let along 150, but here goes: this album, their fourth, is the fifth in a conceptual saga that makes Star Wars look like The Magic Roundabout. Their first album was the second part of the saga, and their final one (coming next) will be the first. If this all sounds like madness, best not read moptop lead singer Claudio Sanchez’s series of graphic novels The Amory Wars (also the title for the album sequence). From their humble beginnings making creepy-yet-wonderful emo, Coheed have picked up more prog nuances so it fits that this, the last in the sequence, is their most ambitious yet, best embodied in the eight-minute ‘The End Complete’. The cycle is almost closed – see you next year for the conclusion.

Mike Sterry