Album Review: Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours (V2)

Album Review: Cold War Kids - Mine Is Yours (V2)


‘Mine Is Yours’? You can keep it, thanks

[a]Cold War Kids[/a]’ 2006 debut [b]‘Robbers And Cowards’[/b] may have been a perfectly inoffensive collection of palatable (albeit preachy) indie-rock, but Lord have mercy on them – here is an album so screamingly MOR it makes the bald dude from [a]The Fray[/a] look like [a]Pete Doherty[/a]. [b]‘Finally Begin’[/b], [b]‘Skip The Charades’[/b] and [b]‘Out Of The Wilderness’[/b] are all so generic, it’s as though they clicked the ‘arena rock’ demo on GarageBand and buggered off for of tea. Any brief spates of individuality, such as the jangle-pop of [b]‘Broken Opportunities’[/b], are soon asphyxiated in lubricious studio slime. [b]‘Mine Is Yours’[/b]? You can keep it, thanks.

[b]Katherine Rodgers[/b]