Colorama – ‘Good Music’

Colorama - 'Good Music'


An album of charmingly gawky ’60s pop

Carwyn Ellis has love trouble. All he wants to do is find a nice mod girl for a swinging rave-up. He’s got dumb riffs, freakbeat grooves and a song about being a petrol pump attendant (called ‘Do The Pump’, obvs) – everything is prepared. But all the girls he knows are too fussy (‘Woe Is Me’), too retro (‘Old Fashioned Girl’) or too attached (‘Why Is She’). What’s a fella to do? Well he can make his fifth album of charmingly gawky ’60s pop, under the guiding hand of the master of such things, Edwyn Collins, and maybe throw in something moody and dark towards the end (‘Delaware’) as his revenge on an uncaring world.

Fraser McAlpine


Record label: AED
Release date: 20 Aug, 2012