Album Review: Common Prayer – Common Prayer (Big Potato)

Some remarkable songs that are barely detectable on first listen

It’s a received wisdom that had George Martin done a George Osborne and slashed half the ‘White Album’ it would be twice the record. With that logic, ‘[a]Common Prayer[/a]’ could have released one of this year’s finest EPs without the flimflam. That said, when the music biz is all about polishing turds, the opposite can be refreshing. [b]Jason Russo[/b], formerly of [a]Mercury Rev[/a], has written some remarkable songs that are barely detectable through the lo-fi woodblocks, shakers and nauseating churchy caterwauling on first listen. So grit your teeth through the twee and say ‘fuck you’ to the Chancellor Of The Exchequer.

[b]Jeremy Allen[/b]