Album Review: Condo Fucks

Album Review: Condo Fucks



Facts about this album:

* Condo Fucks’ press releases bill them as a ‘legendary Connecticut trio’ long absent from the music scene, much to the bemusement of bloggers, as no one had ever heard of them.

* Many have speculated they might actually be an alter ego for Yo La Tengo.

Album review:

Touted as the ‘legendary’ trio from Connecticut, there’s something amiss about Condo Fucks. Mostly because these mysterious sonic degenerates bear more than a striking visual resemblance to New Jersey outfit Yo La Tengo; only a YLT in need of anger management. A play on the latter’s lo-fi folk covers album ‘Fakebook’, Condo Fucks have taken on Small Faces (‘What’cha Gonna Do About It’), The Flamin’ Groovies (‘Dog Meat’) and The Kinks (‘This Is Where I Belong’) and, er, fucked about with them. And far from “murdering the classics”, as their MySpace declares they’re doing, YLT have exchanged their exquisite dreamy indie-pop for the visceral rock’n’roll spirit and ramshackle rockabilly of Condo Fucks. If only YLT got shitted up like this more often.

Ash Dosanjh

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