Album review: Connan Mockasin – ‘Turn Me Into The Snat’ (Phantasy Sound)

Album review: Connan Mockasin - 'Turn Me Into The Snat' (Phantasy Sound)

Psychy, Seussian and wholly charming

With song titles ranging from [b]‘Unicorn In Uniform’[/b] to [b]‘Quadropuss Island’[/b], and vocals that sound like a child who’s spent too long sucking on a helium canister, this is the aural equivalent of taking a hallucinatory trip through the mind of Dr Seuss. As dreamy and surreal as they come, [b]‘Megumi The Milkyway Above’[/b] shuffles along on a gentle psychedelic wave of tremolo guitar punctuated by odd falsetto yelps and a driving percussion, while [b]‘Faking Jazz Together’[/b] marries breezy melodies with off-kilter guitar. Oh, and a snat, just in case you were wondering, is a half-snake, half-rat hybrid, obvs.

[b]Tessa Harris[/b]

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