Album review: Conway Savage – ‘Live In Ireland’

Album review: Conway Savage - 'Live In Ireland'


Piano-led wonders from sometime Nick Cave sideman

Recorded in County Leitrim, Nick Cave’s tweed-clad ivory tinkler Conway Savage continues to carve out a solo career with his latest offering, ‘Live In Ireland’, and it’s a record that’s a flawed yet fantastic snapshot of his often erratic performances. To borrow Bowie’s description of Dylan, Savage’s voice is a bit like sand and glue. He may not be blessed with the purest set of pipes, but his quivering, piano-led renditions of songs from his last four albums frame his ragged, whiskey-soaked vocals perfectly. Highlights include the waltzing ‘Cruel Trick’ and ‘Que Sera Sera’ and despite the odd cock-up along the way, the fluffed notes only add to the intimacy. All in all, it looks like this Bad Seed has made good.

[b]Edwin McFee[/b]