Album review: Cortney Tidwell – ‘Boys’

Album review: Cortney Tidwell - 'Boys'


There's such a thing as trying too hard

Pity Cortney Tidwell. She could be your favourite artist (on ‘Solid State’) or Björk impersonator fronting Coldplay (‘Palace’) or even Hoxton electro-popette (‘Watusii’). Of course, with your eNormoGenre mp3 player you’re used to flitting from indie brass bands to classical death metal. Still, what nags is the suspicion that much of this second album is a holiday in eclecticism and she’s most at home when she settles on songs that float on otherworldly charm. So head for the shimmer of ‘Oslo’, the atmospheric grind of ‘Oh Suicide’ and the ghostly duet with My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, ‘Being Crosby’. A few more

of these and it’d be a great album. Shame.

Anthony Thornton

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