Album review: Crippled Black Phoenix

Album review: Crippled Black Phoenix


200 Tons Of Bad Luck

As if the title hadn’t given it away, the second album from this supergroup of sorts hasn’t been without its difficulties. Originally intended as a longer collection (now realised in the successive releases ‘The Resurrectionists’ and ‘Night Raider’), CBP have had to console themselves with this condensed version. Foreboding monikers aside, don’t be fooled into thinking this is music for the manically depressed. The guitar-led epic soundscapes, choral chanting, woeful strings and portent keys on their debut ‘A Love Of Shared Disasters’ are still present. But as the fiery ‘Rise Up And Fight’ and inspiring pep-talk given by Evel Knievel on ‘Time Of Ye Life’ go to show, there is defiance and hope to be found even in times of misfortune.

Ash Dosanjh

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