Album review: Crocodiles – Sleep Forever (Fat Possum)

Album review: Crocodiles - Sleep Forever (Fat Possum)


California's hipster dark lords make pop out of their monolithic shoegaze influences

Californian art punks in thrall to [b]JAMC[/b], [b]Velvets[/b], [b]The Monks[/b], [a]Spiritualized[/a], krautrock, brain-bulging shoegaze textures and fuzzed-up guitars seek devoted hipster crowd. Produced by [b]James Ford[/b] and styled by Gok Wan on [i]How To Look Like A Shadowy Sex Leather Bastard On Crack[/i]. If [b]San Diego[/b]’s [a]Crocodiles[/a] sound flawless on paper, they damn well prove it on record: this second album flies in the face of their heroes’ druggy mumblings by roaring monumental pop tunes from beneath the sonic silt of [b]‘Stoned To Death’[/b], [b]‘Sleep Forever’[/b] and [b]‘Girl In Black’[/b]. An escapist record, as much from genre as addiction or misery: here’s where the creeping creatures of the noir pop underworld get their wings.

[b]Mark Beaumont[/b]

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