Album Review: Cryptacize

Album Review: Cryptacize


My Thomania

Album review:

It’s a commonplace that the best ideas come in the liminal state between sleeping and waking, as anyone who’s ever woken at 4am yelling “Of course! Tinfoil!” will attest. Musical ideas too, crystallise well in this murky light, as the intimate confections of this Oakland, CA four-piece, reminiscent of the dainty-but-dark work of Dirty Projectors via the desolate country of Tarnation or Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Some Velvet Morning’ demonstrate. ‘Tail & Mane’’s Mariachi-tinged reverie on stealing a horse to find a missing lover and the childish conceit that the moon mocks us on the title track create cosy, but creepy little worlds wrapped around with lullaby piano, woozy organ and gently twanging guitar. Soporifically terrific. Emily Mackay

Emily Mackay

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