Album Review: Crystal Fighters – Star Of Love (Zirkulo)

Album Review: Crystal Fighters - Star Of Love (Zirkulo)

Like Delorean? Stick with them; Crystal Fighter's spacy disco plays second fiddle to more accomplished acts

If it was possible to suspend your disbelief for the duration of [b]‘Star Of Love’[/b]’s descent into Balearic bombast, then you might be taken in by the Argentinean party crew’s oddly juxtaposed mission of simultaneously sounding like space-aged pioneers of danger-disco while being beach-side Lotharios. Sadly the reality behind their blueprint is less fighting aliens in spacestations and orgies on the beach; more Laser Quest down the Trocadero followed by a quick fingering in the bogs. With [a]Delorean[/a] doing the same thing right now so much better, favouring [a]Crystal Fighters[/a] would be like being handed an [a]LCD Soundsystem[/a] record and chucking it to listen to [a]Hadouken![/a].

[b]Alex Hoban[/b]

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