Album Review: Cut Copy – Zonoscope (Modular)

Album Review: Cut Copy - Zonoscope (Modular)


Drowning in the synth soundscape, an underwhelming follow up album

When [a]Cut Copy[/a]’s [b]‘In Ghost Colours’[/b] exploded all over the blogs in a shower of synths and nods to the ’80s, it still sounded fresh because – even three years ago – their fusion of disco, rock and electronica hadn’t been done to death.

After the ubiquitous presence of ’80s-indebted music last year, a follow-up with little stylistic deviation isn’t a thrilling proposition: [b]‘Take Me Over’[/b] steals a hook from fellow Australians [b]Men At Work[/b], adds “ooh-ooh” backing vocals and just about gets away with it.

[b]‘Where I’m Going’[/b] packs in a [a]Kasabian[/a]-aping chorus, while expansive 15-minute closer [b]‘Sun God’[/b] hints at what might have been – namely an excursion into less familiar territory.

[b]Rob Webb[/b]


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