Album Review: Dan Mangan – ‘Oh Fortune’

Album Review: Dan Mangan - 'Oh Fortune'


Packed with grandiose harmonies and orchestral touches

If you were ever a fan of [a]Johnny Flynn[/a]’s folk-indebted baritone swoons but wished he’d just, like, cheer the hell up a bit, then ‘[b]Oh Fortune[/b]’ is here to brighten the melancholic corners and then some. Between Mangan’s quavering vocal and way with a rabble-rouser lies a touch of the Mumfords – but don’t go running just yet. Packed with grandiose [a]Grizzly Bear[/a] harmonies (highlight ‘[b]Row Of Houses[/b]’) and slow-building, orchestral touches (‘[b]How Darwinian[/b]’), ‘[b]Oh Fortune[/b]’ spans a wider spectrum than its folky core might imply, adding grandeur and a refreshing, cerebral spin to proceedings.

[i]Lisa Wright[/i]


Director: Colin Stewart
Record label: City Slang
Release date: 05 Dec, 2011